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Intensive Academic Program

The Intensive Academic Program is an 18-hour per week program designed to help students build confidence and achieve fluency and accuracy in English in preparation for further study in undergraduate and graduate level programs in English or for professional use in the United States or abroad. The Intensive Academic Program offers instruction in all skills in the form of two different integrated skills classes


These classes are offered in four levels

Please note: Each level takes a minimum of 2 sessions (16 weeks) to complete, however, some students may need a 3rd session before advancing to the next level.


Students in the Intensive Academic Program have the choice of studying


Students can register for the morning, evening or Friday/Saturday program at the times below:







9:00 – 1:30
Writing & Reading

9:00 – 1:30
Grammar & O/S

9:00 – 1:30
Writing & Reading

9:00 – 1:30
Grammar & O/S


5:30 – 10:00
Writing & Reading

5:30 – 10:00
Grammar & O/S

5:30 – 10:00
Writing & Reading

5:30 – 10:00
Grammar & O/S




9:00 - 6:00
Writing & Reading

9:00 - 6:00
Grammar & O/S

Academic Calendar

Global ESL Academy offers six 8-week sessions per year. It is possible to begin classes at any time during a session.

The following are the session dates and holidays for 2020:

Session 1

January 6, 2020– February 29, 2020
Holidays: Monday, January 20 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
                 Monday, February 17 – Presidents' Day

Session 2

March 2, 2020 – April 24, 2020
Holiday: Friday, April 10 – Good Friday/Passover

Session 3

May 4, 2020 – June 26, 2020
Holiday: Monday, May 25 – Memorial Day

Session 4

June 29, 2020 – August 21, 2020
Holiday: Friday, July 3 – Independence Day

Session 5

August 31, 2020 – October 23, 2020
Holidays: Monday, September 7 – Labor Day
                 Monday, October 12 – Columbus Day

Session 6

October 26, 2020 – December 18, 2020
Holidays: Thursday, November 26 & Friday, November 27 – Thanksgiving


Global ESL Academy offers six 8-week sessions per year. Please see our Academic Calendar for the exact dates of each session. The following are the costs per session:

Intensive Academic English Program (8-week session)

This program is offered during the week (Monday through Friday). You can register for morning, afternoon or evening classes and there are three options for registration:

Full- time (18 hours per week):  $1,350
Part-time (9 hours per week):  $675
Full- time (18 hours per week) for 16 weeks:  $1,695

(Please note: For non F-1 students who register for less than a full 8-week session, the weekly tuition for the full-time program is $175 and for the part-time program is $85)


English for Everyone Program (8-week session)

Saturday Program (3 hours per week):  $300

Pronunciation Program (8-week session)

3 hours per week:  $360

TOEFL iBT Preparation Program (8-week session)

3 hours per week (1 day/wk):  $300
6 hours per week (2 days/wk):  $600
9 hours per week (3 days/wk):  $900


Customized and Group Programs:

Information on the costs of special customized and group programs is available upon request.
Please contact us at:

Additional Fees*

Registration Fee (Full-Time):  $100
Registration Fee (Part-Time):  $20
International Express Mail Fee:  $100
Domestic Express Mail Fee:  $30
Wire Transfer Fee:  $20
Conditional Acceptance:  $150

*Please note that the additional fees listed above are not refundable. The registration fee is charged each session that you register for classes. The Express mail fee is charged when a student wants an I-20 mailed.

Refund Policy:

The refund policy of Global ESL Academy is as follows:

A student will receive a full refund of his/her tuition and registration fee if Global ESL Academy cancels a class. A student will receive a full refund of his/her tuition less any non-refundable application and registration fees if he/she notifies the school 1 business day before the first class meeting. 75% tuition refund if student drops during the first week of classes, 50% tuition refund if student drops during the second week of classes and no refund after the second week of classes.

**This refund policy also applies to students who register for 2 Sessions (16 weeks).

The refund will be credited in the original method of payment within 6-8 weeks from the original day of the request or at the student’s request, will be applied to future classes.


Methods of Payment

Visa, Master Card, Money Order, Cash or Bank Check

*Tuition and fees are subject to change.