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Shira Seaman

學術總監Shira Seaman是本校其中一位創立人,她在英語為第二語言(ESL)的教學界擁有超過25多年教育和行政經驗。Shira 在歐柏林學院完成英語學士學位,並於紐約城市大學亨特學院取得英語外語教學(TESOL)碩士學位。Shira不但在亨特學院國際英語研究所(IELI)執教了18年ESL英語教學,還兼任課程學術主任超過七年,不時亦會到布魯學院英文系、福特漢姆大學語言及文化研究所,以及亨特學院TESOL 碩士課程執教。Shira對教育充滿熱誠,同時亦愛好研究不同語言,除了英語外,她還以德語、瑞士德語及西班牙語溝通。




Bonnie Veronico
Assistant Director

Bonnie Veronico holds a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies from SUNY Albany and a Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Hunter College, CUNY. She has over 10 years experience in admissions and international recruiting. Bonnie started her career with Embassy English as Admissions Manager for the Asia region, then moved on to work in their Tokyo office counseling students in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan on choosing and applying to colleges in the US based on their language needs and career interests. Bonnie has worked at Berkeley College as an International Admissions Advisor, and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine to kickstart their international recruiting. Recently, she has worked at Hunter College as the TESOL MA Program Assistant, and values helping students with all aspects of their studies. At Global ESL Academy, Bonnie is expert at helping our students with their research into colleges in the US and the application process. She also speaks conversational Japanese and is happy to practice any chance she can.




Karolina Hodowaniec
Academic Coordinator

Karolina has been an EFL teacher and Cambridge oral examiner for over ten years. She completed degrees in Cultural Studies and English Language and Literature in Poland and then moved to England, where she did her CELTA and taught English at various private schools and colleges for six years. In 2014, she lived in Saudi Arabia, where she taught EFL in a female college. In September 2015, she relocated to NYC and started working towards completing her DELTA. In her free time, she likes learning Spanish and traveling.




Kenny Lee

Kenny Lee 從韓國移民到美國定居已達25多年之久,同時亦有在ESL學校工作超過20年的經驗。他在亨特學院修讀ESL英語班時,便開始在該學院的國際英語研究所工作,此後他發現自己醉心於電腦及科技相關知識,並主修網絡管理。Kenny 喜歡幫助各國學生,他至今仍記得當日初到美國,身邊不少人幫助他適應異地新生活、新文化的日子。




Angela Youngju Choi

行政總監Angela Youngju Choi是其中一位創校人。Angela精通英語和韓語,前者為第二語言,後者為母語。Angela於紐約城市大學亨特學院修畢TESOL碩士學位後,她到亨特學院及梅德加埃弗斯學院執教ESL英語教學 ,並成為亨特學院國際英語研究所的政行主任。 她對ESL的熱情執着源自本身不斷學習、教學時所累積的經驗,她相信人人都能在人生任何一個階段開展進修學習之旅。

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